September 08, 2009

Summer 2009 In Review

Have I lost all my blog fans this summer?? All 3 of you? =)

This summer has been ripe with activity! So much so that it left little time for blogging. My apologies. I'm trying to do a little Summer in Review for you all so you can catch a glimpse of how our summer looked. I have been sorting through our last 3 months of pictures over the past few days, and I realized that I did not capture many of our summer's greatest moments on "film." I did get some good shots but there were some fairly significant events that did not see the lens of my camera but did make an impression on our family. Some of those uncaptured moments were. . .

** Moving into our new home in Norfolk.
** Trying to unpack while 2 little kids run circles around us.
** Meeting baby cousin Reuben Daniel Malcolm for the first time.
** Watching Henry achieve MVP (or MVS as they say) on his swim team.
** Countless trips to the beach and pool.
** Delightful visits from all our family and good friends who came to stay in our new abode.
** Feeling the baby kick and watching my kids eyes light up when they feel it too.
** John starting a new job and tackling with triumph yet another milestone in his medical career.
** Hearing silence in our house after 7:30pm because Bradley has finally learned to fall asleep on her own (after 3 months of screaming, crying and gnashing of teeth)
** Listening to John and Henry play music together on our new piano.

I'll post some pictures next of the moments that I did catch. While I am deeply saddened that our beachy, laid-back summer is ending, I am excited about the STRUCTURE of fall and anticipate the arrival of our new baby in a mere 8 weeks!


Catherine said...

I miss you guys! It was great to see all your photos from the beach. Looks like you had GREAT time! Love you!

The Darlings said...

Great pictures and update! Miss you. Praying for an easy school transition with baby #3 coming soon:)

Thad and Kerry said...

So excited to get caught up on your sweet family! You guys look wonderful and can't wait to hear about baby #3's arrival! We miss you in Memphis terribly...