January 10, 2011


Yes, that's what she is. This is an hourly occurrence in our house these days. . .

Henry is 7?

Henry turned 7 on Dec. 31st. He is becoming a fine young man. Infatuated with sports and numbers, tender towards his baby sister and lives to run around outdoors. Happy Birthday Henry! This year is going to be a great one!

We took some of Henry's buddies bowling for his birthday. Bradley striking a birthday pose at the alley - oh my, we are in trouble!

John playing a birthday tune at the party. Does anyone notice anything different about the hubs?
We love you Henry!


The kids must have been good this year because they got everything on their list! Bradley got a new bike, Henry got a new foosball table (which will not remain in our living room) and Eliza got a toothbrush. Hope your Christmas celebrations were full of happy times!