January 27, 2010

January Highlights

{Henry turns 6!}

{Yet another racetrack cake}

{Racing theme - laid out some cones on the street and the boys raced each other on bikes & scooters. They had a BLAST! Who knew something so simple could be such a hit!}

{the first smiles - she has the Nash dimple!}

{a princess take a nap - note the shoes}
{Bradley IS Ariel all day long}

{Sisters who don't favor each other yet. BUT, Eliza is getting Bradley's cheeks!}

{2 months - so sweet. . . }
{our studious ballerina}
{John's new baby. . . um. . . I mean car. It was 29 degrees on this day and he just HAD to wash his new baby!}

January 04, 2010

Piano Daddy

John has a new hobby these days which he is coupling with his Daddy responsibilities. We inherited a piano this summer which has given birth to new acoustics in our house. The music fills our house (and our neighborhood when the windows are open!) which limits his playing to weekends mostly. These are pictures of a musical Saturday morning as he lulls Eliza to sleep and provides a soundtrack for our 3 year old ballerina. This scene usually goes on for long periods of time and is fine by me. . . .


We had a great Christmas this year and felt blessed to be near family. I don't have too much time to blog these days but I hope to at least post pictures periodically. Life with 3 children is much fuller than expected!

{Christmas in Raleigh at my sister's house}
{my 3 chickadees early Christmas morning eager to see what Santa brought}

{Princess Bradley. . . oh, I mean Ariel}

{Family photo in NC (minus a few characters)}

{Christmas card photo}
We visited the Malcolm side too in Charlottesville but unfortunately did not snap any photos there. Happy New Year all!