September 10, 2009

First Day of School

Miss Bradley started school on Tuesday which might have been the nastiest, rainiest day of the year here. But, as you can see, she was all smiles with her umbrella and backpack! She LOVED her preschool class and wishes she could go everyday. The best part? It is 4 blocks from our house so we can walk or bike (when it isn't a monsoon outside).

Henry started school last week and made the big transition to Kindergarten. He is so grown up and would NOT stand for me to take his photo, so this is all we got. He is attending a small school called The Williams School which is a great fit for him this year. He is loving it so far but not loving the long days away from home and the only schedule he has ever known. He'll adjust soon I'm sure. Meanwhile, we are just waiting for that note to come home from his teacher telling us what a child genius we have . . . . . we're still waiting. . .

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