July 21, 2009

Swim Season Conclusion

Henry's swim season has concluded, and (may I brag for a moment?) we think we have a little Michael Phelps on our hands! Henry has shaved about 10 seconds off his 25 yd. freestyle since the beginning of the season and can beat most of the 6 year olds on his team hands down! We are so proud of him and best of all, he is thrilled with himself for accomplishing it (OK, maybe a little TOO thrilled with himself. We are working on humility).

{taking his mark, ready to dive in for the relay}

{he's OFF!}

{check out that form!}

{the touch}
{swimming buddy}
{checking out his ribbons -- that's what it is all about in the end}

{"Look Dad! " I got 1st and 2nd place!!!}

July 06, 2009

Stay tuned

We've been offline for a while to catch our breath from the big move last weekend. All went well -- no major moving drama, so that's good. It might be a wihle before I get to updating this thing since I'm not really sure where my camera is, but stay tuned! Oh, and come see us at our new house if you're in Norfolk any time soon. There is plenty of room for guests!!