May 24, 2009


Whether we like it or not, our son is a NASCAR fan. A big one.

He can tell you the names and numbers of all his favorite drivers. He will watch (if allowed) an entire 400 lap race on TV. He draws NASCAR cars in detail almost every day. This boy loves cars. As you can imagine, it was a dream come true when he and John attended his first race a few weeks ago at RIR in Richmond. John reports that he has never seen him so energized and attentive. It might have been the equivalent of Disneyworld for some children. Fun stuff!

May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Event

We went strawberry picking for the first time on Saturday. What a delicious experience to drive up to the farm, see all the dots of red all over the field and come home with almost 4 pounds of ripe strawberries! But, what's a girl to do with 4 lbs. of strawberries? I decided that we should attempt to make strawberry preserves to enjoy all year long. Here's how the process went down yesterday:

{Beautiful, ripe, red strawberries that melt in your mouth!}

{Kids enjoying the family jam making experience}

{Henry mashes the berries while Bradley carefully measures them}

{Who says you can't taste a few or a LOT of them at the same time!}

{So, the kids have had enough of this by now. Plus, cruel mom and dad won't let them near the boiling pot of red goodness. But, John hangs in to make sure we do this by the book so we don't die from botulism.}

{After 2 hours, the yummy, red goodness is finally ready for the jars!}

We had the preserves for breakfast this morning, and they are rich in color and taste. The kids loved eating them (of course) but I hope will grasp the fact that they went from strawberry patch to jelly jars and watched the whole process.
Bump alert: Did you notice anything in picture #6? Yep, that's right. We're adding #3 to the mix in early November! We're very excited, grateful and a bit terrified at the thought of being outnumbered! SURPRISE!

Mud pies

We have had a lot of rain here in Virginia in the past week. What is a little boy to do with rain and mud everywhere? Grab a buddy and get dirty!

More from Bradley's birthday

Little Party with Bradley's new girly friends, Emma & Julia.

A bleary-eyed birthday girl waking up to lots of presents? Why is she bleary-eyed? Because we made her put her pacifier in the trash (b/c she's a big girl now!) and she screamed all night!! (btw, it is now Day 15 without Passy and we are STILL screaming every night!)

VERY proud of her new princess gear. See. . . .I told you a 3 year old's birthday is more fun!

Birthday Celebrations

As most of you know, I have the honor of sharing my birthday with Bradley. Well, it's one day later than mine but I might as well share the day because a 3 year old's birthday is FAR more fun than a 33 year old. I do think otherwise but it is hard to convince some adults. sigh. . .

Alas, we had a great birthday weekend and were treated to a visit from my mom, sister, niece (Bradley's hero) and nephew (who is almost 7 months!). Had a little party, a little cake and a celebratory trip to the beach! We are LOVING that warm, beach weather IS HERE!!!