September 25, 2010

1st day of Pre-K

Bradley started Pre-K a few weeks ago. She planned out this 1st day of school outfit 24 hours in advance. Note the matching headband, gold clip on earrings from Grandma Pete, and 1 purse in hand and 2 more in her backpack. We love her preschool which is 5 blocks away. We bike or walk most days beside Bradley as she scooters. This is her signature arabesque move.

1st day of 1st grade

Henry began 1st grade last month and is doing very well. He is starting out the year with more confidence than last year and we are anticipating a great year!

Summer has come to an end. . . or has it? It is so hot outside!

{silly banz - fad of the summer}

{more of our harvest!}
{beach trip to Emerald Isle}

{Bradley's signature Canonball}
{We got to hang out with Aaron & Jacob for a few days when Baby Samuel was born. Can you tell they are cousins?}

{Eliza is still a great but messy eater!}
{Bradley attended a gymnastics camp with her friend}
{Hard to believe that baby Eliza is 10 months old now! She is a happy, peaceful baby.}

September 01, 2010

Trip to Delaware

We took a trip to visit the Delaware Malcolms last month. John's brother, Daniel and family (Ashley & Reuben) moved up there earlier in the year to manage the Delaware Nature Society's CSA. Beautiful land, simple life and good eats.

{everytime reuben saw eliza, he would lean in for a tender smooch. so cute!}


{onions drying}
{the kids' favorite activity -- feeding the sheep}