July 21, 2009

Swim Season Conclusion

Henry's swim season has concluded, and (may I brag for a moment?) we think we have a little Michael Phelps on our hands! Henry has shaved about 10 seconds off his 25 yd. freestyle since the beginning of the season and can beat most of the 6 year olds on his team hands down! We are so proud of him and best of all, he is thrilled with himself for accomplishing it (OK, maybe a little TOO thrilled with himself. We are working on humility).

{taking his mark, ready to dive in for the relay}

{he's OFF!}

{check out that form!}

{the touch}
{swimming buddy}
{checking out his ribbons -- that's what it is all about in the end}

{"Look Dad! " I got 1st and 2nd place!!!}


dan said...

Way to go Henry! You're the champ!!!


Grammie and Popop

Stacy said...

great job henry!! What's Bradley doing in that picture!! ha ha