August 13, 2008

Henry meets the King

Henry loves Cars (the movie). John took him to see the movie when it first came out (summer '06) and he is STILL obsessed with the movie characters. It is not unusual to find Henry lying on the floor racing his cars around the hardwood floors with his feet motoring him around in circles. We have Cars plates, forks, shirts, underwear and even a fishing pole. He doesn't even watch the movie that much, it's just the idea of talking, fast race cars that enthralls him. When we were in NC last week, I surprised him with a trip to Randleman, NC to see the Richard Petty Museum. One of the Cars characters (the King) is modelled after Richard Petty, and all his old race cars are on display in this museum. So, imagine walking into a room and being surprised by a life size model of this car!! Henry went crazy!!

even Bradley found something to gawk at! Richard Petty's wife's doll collection!

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