July 08, 2008

So long Memphis

We left Memphis at 4:45 a.m. last Sunday and left behind 5 great years. We have wonderfully fond memories of happenings in that town -- our two children were born there, we survived the haze of residency, we made some incredible friends and watched our children make wonderful friends as well. Driving away I felt very nostalgic about our time in Memphis. Though we are very excited about what lies ahead, there was a grieving for what we have left behind. Sweet friends, familiar places, the only surroundings our kids have ever known, the warm hospitality of the South are just a few. I had about 14 hours to ponder on our drive to VA and to thank God for sheltering us, providing for us, loving us and giving us the strength to get through the rough times.

Here are some pictures from our last few days in Memphis:
Packing the car for the umpteenth time. John has the strongest back of any human I know. He almost single handedly packed and unpacked our moving truck. WHEW!
Some of my mommy friends gathered for a going away dinner. (sniff, sniff)

At the graduation dinner where John received his diploma for finishing residency. John did an OUTSTANDING job!

Hail to the graduating chiefs!

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