July 15, 2008


To immerse ourselves fully into coastal living, we decided to try crabbing this weekend. We heard from neighbors that you can catch a dozen crabs easy, and that information sent our mouths watering. So, we purchased a crab pot, stuffed it with some sort of oily fish, and tossed it into the water. This was much more gratifiying than fishing for me because you don't have to stand there all day AND you get a feast at the end!! The kids loved watching John reel in the crab pot to see if we had caught any crabs. We didn't catch as many as our neighbors had bragged, but had enough for dinner last night. Mmmmmmm, fresh crabs!!!!

John bringing up the crab pot:

Henry and the prisoner:

Henry watching dinner get cleaned up. I kinda felt sorry for the little guys climbing around knowing this was their last moment on earth before they hit a boiling pot:

We didn't get any pictures of the final product. We were too hungry! They were yummy and oh-so-fresh.


Brad said...

It's like you guys are on vacation everyday, fishing, crabbing, sitting out by the lake..hahaha Catie and I are really happy for you guys. It looks like a really nice place.

julie said...

brad - what is your email again? we lost it. julie.n.malcolm@gmail.com