May 19, 2008

When are you moving?

Thought I might answer this frequently asked question. . . .

I am quickly finding out that making a cross-country move is not easy. We sold our house (YEAH!!!) a few weeks ago, and John & I are off to Norfolk, VA this week to begin (and end) our house hunting quest. For those who are REALLY out of touch, John finishes his 5 year Urology residency at the end of June. It has been a long road, and we are about to make it a bit longer still. He has been accepted into a 1 year fellowship position with Urology of Virginia to specialize in Robotic & Laparoscopic Surgery. We move at the end of June to begin this next endeavor. Since our time there will be so short, we will gladly rent. One goal is to try to get something big enough to host visitors easily! We feel STARVED for visitors and look forward to visits from relatives and friends.

Bookings for 2008 visitors will begin shortly.

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