May 11, 2008


For my birthday this year, we took a trip to Oxford, MS -- a quaint, Southern, college town bit over an hour from Memphis. They had a Double Decker Arts Festival that I thought would be fun to take part in as a family. We had a great time walking around looking at local art, listening to music, painting, and eating Southern fair food (which included homemade ice cream sandwiches and gumbo). It was a great birthday. My family treated me well. That evening John got a babysitter and we headed out to a nice dinner. . . . .and the grocery store to shop for Bradley's birthday party the following day. In case you don't know, Bradley's birthday is the day after mine (4/27), and I have officially decided that from here on out, her birthday parties will be BEFORE mine so that I can REALLY enjoy my day. =)
Friday night before my birthday, my sweet friends Tish & Sarah took me out for a night on the town:
This is the town square in Oxford where the Double Decker Festival was:

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