May 27, 2008

We found a house!

Front of house:
Our favorite room with a view of the Lafayette River:

View from our backyard:

The backyard which beckons for a hammock & a fishing pole:

We just returned from a tiring but successful journey to Norfolk, VA. We were on a search for a house for John's 1 year fellowship position. Looking at rental property in general was a bit discouraging in the beginning because the properties just aren't kept up as well. BUT, then we found this awesome house on the water that was a perfect match for us! There is water EVERYWHERE in this city, and it's not hard to be far from it. We hoped to be near it, but never dreamed we'd have it in our backyard! We feel blessed. I think John is already bidding on canoes and kayaks on ebay! We hope many of you will come visit us soon!


Jamie said...

You lucky duck! I am so jealous!

BTW, how did you end up with a blondie as a child? And those blue eyes? The pics of your kids are ADORABLE!

Jamie Jackson

The Darlings said...

Wow, Julie! What a find! God is good:)

Matt said...

wow...terribly cool place.

so when are you moving? haha. please tell john that we need to have another poker night before y'all move...i'd like to take his money one more time.


matt b

David said...

Life is good for the Malcolms.

Sorry I'll miss you in Memphis, I'm scheduled to be there in August, ugh...HOT!!!

So glad to see you found a house certainly suitable for your growing family, the backyard invites camping....ha..

I'll see you before my Suffolk project (first week of Sept).

Lots of good restaurants & seafood nearby...can't wait for my first visit....

Miss all the grandkids...

tall bold said...

Hey, it's your neighbor with the annoying magnolia tree. It looks like you guys found a great place, we are sure going to miss you guys. I wish we had moved in 5 years ago.