September 16, 2008

Future Child Models? Don't think so.

The light was right, and I was in the mood to snap some photos. I had just spent the afternoon grazing a photographer's website and was inspired to see if I could replicate some of what I had seen. All I needed was a subject. Enter Henry who wakes up from a nap. PERFECT! Well, since entering the photography business, my children are less and less likely to actually look at a camera when pointed at them. They have actually grown to detest seeing half my face hidden behind my black idol. It's quite a shame. My kids have an opportunity to take center stage in photographs, and mostly what I get is a whine and a quiet, disobedient turn of the head. . . . sigh. . . .

Here's what I got that afternoon:

And, here's that "look" that says "do not point that thing at me again!"

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