September 21, 2008

Malcolm Camping Adventure '08

Some of you may remember stories from Malcolm Camping Adventure '06 that were highly entertaining and very unsuccessful. There were a variety of things that contributed to its failure: a nursing 6 month old, rowdy campsite neighbors, insufficient bedding, etc. I'm happy to report that Camping in '08 was much more successful! Mainly because it involved only the boys, and it happened in our awesome backyard. John has been itching to camp out ever since we set foot on this property, and the weather this weekend has been spectacular! Breezy, mild and no humidity. Perfect set-up for camping.

We started with a delicious kabob meal prepared by Chef/Doc Malcolm.

Then, the boys retired to their quarters. Henry loved camping so much that he has requested to sleep outside for every nap and for every slumber since. (which we have denied)

View from the tent at dusk:


lindley said...

That's awesome!! We've been wanting to "camp" with tents in our backyard as well. We don't have quite the view you do though. Okay, so do the kids actually sleep??

Amy's Own said...

I haven't read your blog in awhile, so I'm glad to see this post! We're having a trial run Family Campout at the farm the night after with yours, it'll be the boys and dads in the tents, and the moms and younger siblings inside in BEDS!! I'll let you know how it turns out...