July 02, 2011

Washington DC

John had a Urology conference in Washington DC this spring and we took advantage of the opportunity and accompanied him. We loved the city and want to go back again soon. We saw the White House, many Smithsonian museums, Chinatown, mastered the subway, ate at Old Ebbitt Grill, and (the big highlight) went up the Washington Monument!
{inside the Washington monument}
{Eliza wants to see Obama!}
{I have decided that Bradley is a city girl. She was ENERGIZED by all the people, walking, and sites. Here she is posing near the Mall.}

{on the mall}
{Family pic in the National Gallery of Art}
{Playing in the Natural History Museum - Note: Those two Asian kids in the back are not mine. Sidenote: I got asked if Eliza was adopted later this day. WHAT?}
{This picture sums up our time in DC. Bradley danced, twirled and sang her way around the city. Henry was enthralled with the history and the size of everything. And, Eliza was chill -- just along for the ride. It was a great vacation . . . . oh, I mean, work trip.}

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