July 20, 2010

What have you been doing?

Here is a glimpse of our summer so far (in no particular order):

{Everyone comes home to NC for a reunion|

{Henry blazes down the pool again this summer. Swim Team just finished and Bradley can also swim the whole pool now!}

{Sprinkler Fun}
{The hubs and I celebrated 10 years of bliss on July 1! Only bliss and absolutely NO strife!}

{More shots from our trip to NC -- Gong Gong and all the grandkids|

{The best surprise and thrill of the summer -- I have a child who eats anything and with passion! Note the carrot stuck to her bib}
{Pulling up and SO happy about it}

{our scarecrow}
{our harvest}
(Eliza's favorite position}


1 comment:

Catherine said...

Looks like you're having so much fun! Can't wait to see you guys when I come up! Love you.