April 08, 2010

Mommy blogger?

Am I a mommy blogger? Heard that term recently and I think I fall into that category!! I don't like being put in a box -- it's so constricting! I always covet the Martha Stewart type blog -- you know the ones where people take creative pictures of their step by step family crafts and activities and everything looks so fun and the light is always right??? But, I haven't the creative energy or time to invest in the "art" of blogging. (sigh).

So, because I guess I am a (gulp) mommy blogger, here are some obligatory pictures of our Easter holiday. We had a great week complete with Easter egg hunts, egg dyeing with friends and the annual Easter parade in Richmond with old friends.

{these are all in the wrong order. i can't figure out how to shift them around on our new iMac}

{chowing on Easter treats -- eggs stuffed with Trix!}

{off to church}

{dyeing eggs with the Hwangs}{Henry's class had an Easter egg hunt. This is actually a monumental event because Bradley touched the Easter Bunny for the first time. She has been severely afraid of this spring creature every year and usually refers to him as the "Monster Bunny." Way to conquer your fears of adults dressed as animals (that is a bit creepy).}

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