October 31, 2009

More Halloween

Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but you wouldn't know it from the vast number of pictures we took today! Maybe it is because it is a Saturday or maybe it's because we're just waiting for this baby to come on down! Regardless, here are some pictures from our fun day.
{Bradley made a game-time decision to be SpiderGirl instead of a princess. I think she actually scored more candy this way. Henry is a highway.}

{I am about to pop! Also, quick disclaimer on the UVa pumpkin. All John's idea and carving. A UNC logo would be much more difficult. Don't think I have been converted!}

{Off to trick-or-treat!}

{Henry's Halloween art from today. It's a PUMPKIN RACE, of course.}

1 comment:

Carrie Mullins said...

Love the PODS advertisement Johnny! I hope Henry was well enough to enjoy the festivities. If not, we have TONS of candy to share.