April 15, 2009


We hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend. I love the imagery that spring offers us each year as winter turns to spring and presents us with pictures everywhere of new life and new hope. The same life & hope that we celebrate during Easter that we receive through Christ. Spring is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year. I feel like a butterfly coming out of her fleece blanket cocoon! Being outside and soaking up the warm sunshine is like medicine for my long winter illness -- that illness being cold weather! We spent Easter morning at church in Norfolk and then scooted up to Richmond for the Easter On Parade which is my ALL TIME favorite event in Richmond. It is a photographer's dream on Monument Ave., but unfortunately, with 2 kids in tow I was unable to explore my inner photographer lest my children get lost or kidnapped! Here are a few pics from our day:

(pictures that Henry drew us for Easter. the things on the right are eggs that he drew and cut out)

(traditional posed picture of the kids dolled up for Easter. have I mentioned before how unwilling my kids are to pose for me? I had to put 2 jellybeans in my nostrils for a bribe and a smile - CLICK!)

(Bradley clinging to me for dear life while she watches a puppet show. This girl is petrified of puppets and especially adult sized costumed cartoon characters)

(Kids watching the biggest bunny I have ever seen in my life with Hayden Sadler)

(bumped into John's college roommate Patrick & family)

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