February 12, 2009

Henry the Great

Henry has many strengths in life -- two of which are: drawing and a long attention span. Well, he has unknowingly combined his two loves in life by copying an ENTIRE BOOK. This boy is illustrating and writing the words of a 32 page Cars book. It has taken him almost 1 week, but he is almost finished. It's great practice because he is writing letters and drawing his favorite subject on earth - Cars. Here are a few pics from this week's obsession.


Stacy said...

I love this blog! Thanks for the updates.. It made me smile. I love those kids!!

Connie said...

Julie, as I go through each month of your blog looking for pictures to put in H & B's scrapbooks, I am finding it extremely difficult if not impossible to choose just one per month as I usually try to do. Your kids are just too darn cute. I am so lucky to be their grandmama.